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"The Importance of Safeguarding Your Vital Information: Tips for Protecting Your Personal Data"

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We've all heard peculiar tales of safeguarding valuables—money stashed in mayonnaise jars, or jewelry hidden under trash can liners. While these anecdotes might elicit a chuckle, the underlying message is clear: without proper planning, valuable possessions could end up lost or discarded.

Digital Security

Picture this: If something were to happen to you today, would your loved ones know where to find crucial documents outlining your wishes and assets? Even those tucked away in unconventional spots like mayonnaise jars or coffee cans in the garage?

Paper Documents

It's a question that demands attention, and the answer hinges on your organization system—whether paper-based, digital, or a mix of both.

Digital Age Concerns

In today's digital age, securing digital information takes precedence. Backing up your files becomes paramount, considering the risks of computer crashes, data corruption, and the looming threat of identity theft.

A Cautionary Tale

However, merely having a "Cloud" account isn't foolproof and it is just the first step. It's essential to understand what's stored there and routinely check it. I once had a client who believed she had her files backed up online, only to discover her account was empty when her computer crashed. She had signed up for the account but failed to select the files needed for backup, leaving her with an empty account when she needed it most.

The Importance of Paper Documents

While digital record-keeping gains popularity, certain paper documents remain indispensable. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other critical papers require thoughtful consideration and secure storage. What's your plan for safeguarding these vital documents? Knowing what documents you have and where to find them in times of need can be a lifesaver.

Accessibility Matters

But let's say your family locates these documents—how will they access them? Are they tucked away in a locked cabinet, home safe, or safety deposit box? The accessibility details matter. Advanced directives, such as living wills and healthcare proxies, add another layer of complexity. Without these documents, your healthcare wishes might go unfulfilled.

Financial Considerations

Managing monthly bills and financial matters poses another challenge. Whether it's digital or paper statements, automatic payments, or Power of Attorney considerations, careful planning is essential. And when it comes to estate planning files prepared by an attorney, the complexity only intensifies. Do your loved ones know where to find these crucial documents in the event of your passing?

If You Fail to Prepare

Imagine this scenario: your family, unaware of your will, trust, or funeral plans, embarks on a frantic search through your home. Every closet, drawer, and box becomes fair game, potentially overlooking critical documents. If you have a safe deposit box, accessing it may require a court order, adding time and stress to an already difficult situation.

Peace of Mind

Planning for unforeseen circumstances—be it illness, disability, or death—can offer peace of mind to you and your family. Ensuring that the right people know where to find important information, can access your estate planning documents, and honor your healthcare wishes is a priceless gift to your loved ones.


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Judith Guertin is a renowned author, and a Professional Organizer and Productivity Specialist helping clients document, save, and share vital information. Her background as an occupational therapist and a professional organizer, allow her to share a wealth of knowledge about how to create and maintain order for everything in your life – including your estate plan. When tragedy struck her life with the unexpected loss of her mother in 2001, she found her calling to help others avoid the complications that can accompany a tragic loss through proper advanced planning.

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