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Beyond The Estate Plan

On-Going Estate Planning Documentation Support & Resources

Estate plans are no longer a set it and forget it “document.” In this digital age, you may be required to change important passwords as often as you change your clothes. How do you keep track and ensure your loved ones can maintain access if something happens to you? 

Proper estate planning requires an on-going commitment to keeping things up to date. With our one-of-a-kind service, the Beyond the Estate Plan Membership, you can receive important reminders, useful hacks, and continual estate planning advice.

Man Working On Estate Plans

You will receive access to professional advice from our estate planning documentation experts and tips from the member community.

This membership service will ensure your family’s peace of mind if the unexpected should occur.  The best news – when you buy the Beyond the Estate Plan book you receive FREE membership community access!

Beyond the Estate Plan Guide - Judith Guertin
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