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Beyond The Estate Plan

The Best Book for Estate Planning in the Digital Age

Beyond the Estate Plan Guide - Judith Guertin

Your Comprehensive Guide to Estate Planning

You've worked hard to build a life of meaning and value, and it's only natural to want to protect and pass on your legacy. This is where we come into play. 


At Beyond the Estate Plan, we understand the importance of securing your assets and ensuring a smooth transition for your loved ones. In this article, we will be exploring the significance of this process, reviewing the step-by-step procedures, and explaining how we can help.

What is Estate or Legacy Planning?

This is a strategic process that involves the organization and management of your assets during your lifetime and their distribution after your passing. It goes beyond simply drafting a will; it encompasses a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your wealth, minimizing tax liabilities, and ensuring your wishes are honored.

Estate Planning Strategies

Why is This Important?

Protect Your Loved Ones

Shield your family from unnecessary legal complexities and financial burdens.

Ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes, avoiding potential disputes among heirs.


Minimize Tax Implications

Strategically plan to minimize property taxes, preserving the maximum value of your assets for your beneficiaries.


Provide for Incapacity

Establish directives for medical and financial decisions in the event of your incapacity, ensuring your preferences are honored.

Property Taxes Planning

Preserve Family Harmony

Reduce the likelihood of family conflicts by clearly outlining your intentions and expectations.

Ensure Business Continuity

Safeguard the future of your business by incorporating succession plans into your property strategy.

What To Expect

Embarking on this journey may seem overwhelming, but we simplify the process for you.


Initial Consultation: Meet with our experienced professionals to discuss your goals, assets, and unique circumstances.


We recommend regular meetings with your advisors to keep your plans current. Our guide includes forms to document changes and ensure that your wishes are known and respected.

Asset Inventory: Collaboratively identify and catalog your assets to create a comprehensive view of your properties.

Our Approach:
More Than Just Paperwork

We specialize in comprehensive planning that goes beyond legal documents. Judith Guertin is your ally in organizing and managing your assets, critical life documents, and digital life details. Our mission is to help you navigate the complexities of life by offering invaluable support in various areas:

Asset Discovery: Unearth missing or forgotten assets and accounts.


Documentation: Create a meticulous record of your assets, advisors, and digital information.


Estate Attorney Preparation: Assist in preparing for meetings with attorneys, saving you time and money.


Medical Information: Guide you in documenting essential medical information for yourself and your dependents.

Secure Storage: Ensure your vital information is stored safely and securely.

Client Focus: Your Unique Needs

Our core mission is to ensure you're thoroughly prepared for meetings with your dedicated advisors, including lawyers, financial planners, and medical professionals. We provide the necessary groundwork to confidently discuss key aspects of your estate planning, focusing on:


  • Who will inherit?

  • Should I have a trust or multiple trusts?

  • How should I handle my final wishes?

  • What about the ownership structure of my bank accounts?

  • How to select and pay for my final wishes?

  • Designating beneficiaries for financial accounts and more.

How To Prepare for the Estate Planning Process

Gather Information

Compile a list of your assets, liabilities, and important documents.


Choose Trusted Advisors

Select experienced professionals, such as attorneys and financial planners, to guide you through the process.


Communicate Your Wishes

Discuss your intentions with your family to ensure everyone is on the same page, minimizing surprises and potential conflicts.


Regularly Review Your Plan

Life is dynamic, and so should be your legacy plan. Regularly review and update your plan to reflect changes in your life, such as marriages, births, or acquisitions.

Financial Planners For Estate Plan
  • Do I need an estate plan even if I don't have significant assets?
    Yes, it is essential for everyone, regardless of the size of their estate. It ensures your wishes are respected and simplifies the distribution process.
  • What happens if I don't have an estate plan?
    Without it, your assets may be subject to probate, potentially leading to delays, costs, and disputes among heirs.
  • Can I update it over time?
    Absolutely. We recommend reviewing this regularly and updating it as needed to accommodate changes in your life.
  • Is legacy planning only about distributing assets after death?
    No, it also includes planning for potential incapacity, managing healthcare decisions, and ensuring your loved ones are cared for.

Why Choose Beyond the Estate Plan?

Holistic Approach:

Unlike traditional services, we take a holistic approach to organizing your life. Judith Guertin, a seasoned expert, emphasizes the importance of not only planning for the inevitable but also for life's joyous moments such as marriage, adoption, and more.


Focus on Documentation, Not Legal Drafting:

We understand that not everyone needs a lawyer for every aspect of their planning. Judith Guertin does not draft legal documents; instead, her focus is on helping you compile and maintain crucial documentation. 


She professionally assists you to ensure that your assets, life documents, advisors, and digital information are readily available when needed.


Asset Discovery:

Many individuals are unaware of missing or forgotten assets and accounts. Our service guides you in unearthing and documenting these assets, helping you anticipate when they'll be needed and who should have access.


Medical Information Documentation:

It goes beyond financial considerations. We assist you in documenting medical information, ensuring that your loved ones are informed about your providers, current medical conditions, treatments, medications, and any updates in case of emergencies.


Preparation for Legal Meetings:

We recommend initiating the process by setting up a meeting with your estate attorney. We will help you prepare for your meeting with the estate professionals, saving you valuable time and money by ensuring you have the necessary information at your fingertips.


Regular Planning Updates:

Our commitment doesn't end with a one-time plan. We advocate for regular check-ins with your advisors to keep your plans up to date. We guide you in documenting any changes on the forms provided in our comprehensive guide.


Secure Information Storage:

Security is paramount. We assist you in storing vital information securely, giving you peace of mind that your critical documents and data are safe.

This Beyond the Estate Plan Guide will help you...

  • Identify the legal documents your loved ones may need in the event of your illness or death.

  • Record the information about the physical location of your legal documents.

  • Identify the representatives your caregivers, friends, and family may need to contact in times of need.

  • Keep an updated list of your advisors, assets, liabilities, and the primary contact for each of your accounts.

  • Keep track of your digital assets. 

  • Keep necessary medical and caregiver information ready at hand for your children, yourself, relatives, and trusted friends to use as needed.

Ready to Get Started?

Don't wait for the unexpected. Start organizing your life with Beyond the Estate Plan today. Schedule a consultation with Judith Guertin and take the first step towards comprehensive and reliable life documentation.

Judith Guertin, Author

When you’re looking for more comprehensive estate planning help, check out our Beyond the Estate Plan Seminars. We can help you get organized and track everything your family will need if the unexpected occurs. 

Need additional organizing help?

Author, Judith Guertin, also runs All Ways Organized – see all the ways she can help you get organized!

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