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Beyond The Estate Plan

The Best Book for Estate Planning in the Digital Age

Beyond the Estate Plan Guide - Judith Guertin

Beyond The Estate Plan will help you record and continually update the vital information you and your family could need at a moment’s notice.

Estate planning is evolving and requires more follow up and tracking due to all the digital layers technology has added. Decades ago, you would simply get official documents drawn up – and put them somewhere safe. In today’s digital age, this is no longer the case. Your generation is facing a new hurdle when it comes to estate planning – maintaining digital assets. Your grandparents had a bank account, a home, and a few other things to manage. You now have all of that, plus online billing, email accounts, social media - dozens upon dozens of login credentials. Your heirs are going to need help tracking and navigating that information

This estate planning guide is a compilation of the most important lists you need when preparing for the unexpected.

The Beyond the Estate Plan Checklists included in the Beyond the Estate Plan Guide are designed for your children and the adult members of your household. They cover topics such as your pets, your home, your personal property, your digital assets, your vehicles, and your recreational vehicles. This planning guide also includes retention information, and some bonus items; how to opt out of pre-screened lists, which items require fireproof storage, and how to protect your personal information.

Don't Get Surprised By Not Planning Ahead - Beyond The Estate Plan

It is never too soon to gather what is important and make it available to those who will need that information.

Be prepared for the unexpected, get the process started now. Don’t wait until the time of need, when you may be ridden with grief trying to figure out what to do. 

It will comfort you knowing you are prepared, and you are lessening the worry and burden on your family during stressful times.

When you purchase Beyond the Estate Plan you also receive free access to our members area – giving you access to reminders, updates, and professional advice!

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This Beyond the Estate Plan Guide will help you...

  • Identify the legal documents your loved ones may need in the event of your illness or death.

  • Record the information about the physical location of your legal documents.

  • Identify the representatives your caregivers, friends, and family may need to contact in times of need.

  • Keep an updated list of your advisors, assets, liabilities, and the primary contact for each of your accounts.

  • Keep track of your digital assets. 

  • Keep necessary medical and caregiver information ready at hand for your children, yourself, relatives, and trusted friends to use as needed.

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We love helping families organize and inventory their possessions. 

Judith Guertin, Author

When you’re looking for more comprehensive estate planning help, check out our Beyond the Estate Plan Seminars. We can help you get organized and track everything your family will need if the unexpected occurs. 

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Author, Judith Guertin, also runs All Ways Organized – see all the ways she can help you get organized!

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