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Judith Guertin, Author & Owner

Judith Guertin

Renowned Author and Expert to Help Your Family Document Vital Info Beyond the Estate Plan

Judith Guertin is a renowned author, and an expert at documenting, organizing, and tracking vital information beyond the estate plan. Her background as an occupational therapist and a professional organizer, allows her to share a wealth of knowledge about how to create and maintain order for the vital information your family needs.

In her latest book, Beyond the Estate Plan, she strives to help you understand what you have, and document it, while providing a way for you to easily share the information with your loved ones and heirs, in the case of an emergency, illness or death.

Rest Easy with Beyond The Estate Plan
Judith Guertin, Author of Beyond the Estate Plan

The goal of Beyond the Estate Plan is to help you organize and track your estate plan and vital information to ensure your family is prepared no matter what your future holds. With Judith’s help you can rid yourself of disorganized documentation and get your data into your own trusted, personalized system.

“Beyond the Estate Plan is a valuable gift to give yourself and your family. I understand the importance of having your documentation up to date and accessible. You hope it will never happen to you, but tragedy can strike at any time. It struck my family in 2001, when my mother was involved in a pedestrian vs. automobile accident. In less than one day, my beloved mother was gone. Fortunately, she had the forethought to have her paperwork in order, and she left us with her wishes about many of the decisions we needed to make. It really brought home to me the desire to keep this burden from other families by preparing forms to guide them in gathering their thoughts and files.

You and your family deserve the peace of mind that comes with professional documentation and the knowledge that you did everything you could to make it easier for them when the time comes to help you manage your affairs, or your estate. This generation is facing a new hurdle when it comes to estate planning – maintaining digital assets. Your grandparents had a bank account, a home, and a few other things to manage. You now have all of that, plus online billing, email accounts, social media - dozens upon dozens of login credentials. Your heirs are going to need help tracking and navigating that information. Don’t wait until it’s too late.”

Judith Guertin

Judith Guertin, Owner

After spending decades as a Registered Occupational Therapist, Judith transitioned her career to become a professional organizer and productivity consultant in 2001. 

In her OT career she watched so many clients struggle with clutter and disorganization in their homes and offices, and she knew she could help, but her OT role would only allow her to do so much. Inspired to do more and help people overcome organizing challenges, she formed All Ways Organized, LLC. This is where she discovered her passion for helping families navigate the sometimes-overwhelming estate planning documentation process.

She eventually wrote a book about digital clutter, Taming the Digital Tiger.” This book helps increase your productivity and keep your emails organized and under control. While writing this book, she realized how much help the baby boomer generation was going to need in setting up their estate plan to cover all their digital assets.  

This led her to write Beyond the Estate Plan. 

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