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Beyond The Estate Plan Course

The Best Estate Planning Seminar Series for the Digital Age 

Judith Guertin Seminar Series

Welcome to Beyond The Estate Plan, where we specialize in demystifying the process of organizing and documenting your essential life details.


Rather than delving into estate planning itself, our focus is on empowering you to compile all necessary information, from financial assets to medical records, so you're fully prepared to consult with the appropriate financial and legal professionals. Let us guide you through, making this journey smoother for you and your loved ones!

Estate Planning Course

Why Choose Our Estate Planning Course?

Currently offered as a comprehensive, self-paced, pre-recorded program, it is designed to assist you through the intricacies of organizing and documenting your estate effectively.

Below are some convincing reasons why you should take our online estate planning course:


While not estate planners ourselves, we provide structured support, ensuring you have everything in order before meeting with specialists. Our approach is focused on empowering you with the tools and guidance to streamline this preparatory phase, making your interactions with professionals more efficient and productive.

Comprehensive Approach

Our service encompasses a broad overview of the planning process, focusing on gathering and organizing your information for all your assets and wishes. And while we do not delve into legal jargon or provide legal advice—as we are not lawyers—our aim is to offer valuable insights to ensure you have this solid foundation of knowledge to confidently approach legal, financial, and medical professionals with all the necessary details in hand.


As an online course, you can learn at your own pace, in your own space. Our materials are accessible 24/7, fitting seamlessly into your schedule.

Practical Tools

Goes beyond just imparting theoretical knowledge--we also equip you with tools and resources. Designed to aid in the preparation for meetings with legal, financial, and medical professionals, these are crafted to help you efficiently organize your estate, ensuring you're well-prepared and informed for these important consultations.

Affordable Learning

High-quality learning shouldn't break the bank. We offer affordable access to expert planning instruction, making it a valuable investment for your future.

Interactive Learning Experience

Our course features interactive modules as well as and as well as real-world examples to make your learning experience engaging and effective.

Ongoing Support

Upon completing the course, you can schedule a discovery call to discuss your unique situation with our team and also have access to our vibrant online community.


Knowledge is power. And by getting everything documented effectively--you are taking control.

Unleash the Power of a Self-Paced Learning Journey with Our Online Estate Planning Course

Estate Planning Course Online

Equip yourself with comprehensive knowledge for you and your family’s future. Beyond The Estate Plan's Done and Documented Course gives you the tools to protect your future.

For the price of $499, allow yourself to discover and understand the ins and outs of estate planning at your own pace.

Why Choose Our Estate Planning Course?

Register Now! Embark on a journey of comprehensive preparation for the well-being of your loved ones.

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