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Beyond the Estate Plan

The Help & Vital Resources Your Family Really Needs After Estate Planning

Beyond the Estate Plan Guide - Judith Guertin

Beyond the Estate Plan Guide will help you prepare for the unexpected by helping you find, store, and locate:

  • Estate planning documents

  • Vital contacts

  • Medical, financial, and personal information

  • Digital assets

  • Instructions your family will really need in the case of an emergency, illness, accident, or death. 

Beyond the Estate Plan Friendly Guide
Estate Planning Services

Many people treat estate planning as a set it and forget it process. Unfortunately, your information – especially your vital details and digital information – changes every day. How do you ensure the information your family has is up to date when something unexpected happens? 

Beyond the Estate Plan assures your family knows where you keep important documents, how to access them and your digital properties and profiles, who to talk to when you’re gone, and more. Our helpful beyond estate planning tools helps you leave your loved ones detailed, failsafe information to eliminate hassles, lost information, and forgotten assets (both physical and digital.)

Beyond the Estate Plan Guide

This book is your new “best beyond estate planning resource.” It is a compilation of all the planning tools and lists you’ll need, to not only record your important information, but to track it, keep it up to date, and make it easily accessible for your loved ones after you’re gone. It also helps you create critical instructions for your family to follow.

Senior Couple Making Plans
Happy Customers - Beyond The Estate Plan

Beyond the Estate Plan Seminar Series

While the Beyond the Estate Plan Guide has everything you need to successfully plan, track, and make things easy for your loved ones, everyone could use a little help getting started and guidance to stay on target! The Beyond the Estate Plan Seminar series gives you just that. Get a thorough review of everything you need to know, familiarize yourself with the most important lists and tools, and get inspired to make documenting and tracking your estate planning details easy for your family.

Member Community at Beyond the Estate Planning

Beyond the Estate Plan Member Community

If one thing is certain in life, it’s that things will change. Be sure your affairs are always in order by joining our member community. You’ll receive the latest updates to the Beyond Estate Planning Tools, get access to experts, and receive important reminders.

Beyond the Estate Plan Resources

No one should have to worry about leaving their family with difficult situations to face. Our compilation of resources will help you ensure you can keep the vital information for your estate plan up to date and make things as easy as possible for your loved ones.

We love helping families prepare for anything life can throw their way!

Every book Judith writes has one goal: to provide helpful tools and resources! Beyond the Estate Plan gives you and your family the tools you need to prepare for the unexpected.


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